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Copyright Problems (English) Empty Copyright Problems (English)

Post by V.F.O.D on 16/3/2009, 15:27

This is the matter of copyright related to V.F.O.D’s designs. Therefore, please be cautious of using them:

- The copyright of the design only in all V.F.O.D’s designs belong to V.F.O.D.

- To the matter of designing (calendar, postcard…), V.F.O.D always possesses a half of the copyright. That’s the designing of ours, which is based on the available images possessed by Declan.

- V.F.O.D do not sell our products in other countries apart from Viet Nam, because of our lack of the copyright. Moreover, all the products we make are only for V.F.O.D’s members. Therefore, please do not ask us for the sale out of V.F.O.D. If you are Vietnamese, just register to be our member, and disinterestedly contribute to V.F.O.D’s common benefits, before we make those products.

- V.F.O.D make our own products, which are related to Declan, simply because we love his musical talent and Declan himself. We just try to compensate for our disadvantages of not being able to buy Declan’s official products. Thus, if you are not V.F.O.D’s member, please do not ask us for selling them to you.

- Please remember: we absolutely do not use our own products for commercial purposes.

- If you are not V.F.O.D’s member: your downloading or copying our designs to your computers or cell phones is certainly acceptable. We welcome your interest in our designs. However, do not use them for printing purpose, or considering them your designs. If you want to place them on other websites, forums or blogs, please write down their origin: “copied from the forum (blog) of V.F.O.D - the official fan club of Declan in Viet Nam“ and quote the link of our blog.

- All the articles in our Wordpress blog, except for the one about Declan’s biography, are written for Vietnamese blog, and translated for English one, by our members. If you want to use them in other places (even if you are V.F.O.D’s member), please write down the origin: “copied from the blog of V.F.O.D - the official fan club of Declan in Viet Nam” and quote the link of our blog, also.

- All the products posted in “VFOD’s creations” are created by VFOD’s members. Therefore, they belong to the authors’ copyright. You ARE NOT ALLOWED to use them in anywhere else without the authors’ permission.

This article is to announce and make clear our matters of copyright. Not only do Vietnamese fans visit this forum, but foreign fans as well. Therefore, this matter is always attached much importance and needs making clear. We expect your sympathy and caution.

Finally, we’d like to send you our big thanks for visiting and caring for our forum. We always welcome Declan’s fans in Viet Nam, who want to take part in and contribute to our common activities!

Best Regard,


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